Leslye and Tom at the Wild Onion Ranch in Austin

Leslye and Tom are just one cool couple. Leslye loves shoes, a girl after my own heart, and made Tom chug down a Smirnoff Ice at their first look at their wedding. Yes, that is just how they roll. Tom’s gift to his groomsmen were ankle holders full of mini liquor bottles. They are a couple of really fun lawyers, and I love it how their wedding program read like a legal brief! Of course, being as cool as they are they chose a fabulous location for their wedding, The Wild Onion Ranch, as well as 2 Dine 4 for the catering. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention…Leslye has the CUTEST. DANCING. GRANDMA. EVER. And I have seen a lot of dancing grandmas.

And now, onto the pics!