The Zdroj Family | Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Last year I got a call from the producers of Extreme Makeover Home Edition asking if I would be willing to take family photos for the Zdroj family, who lost their home in the Bastrop wildfires. I was thrilled they asked me and honored to help such an amazing family who had done so much for their community. Here is an excerpt from an article about them “It was fitting that the Zdroj family settled on a property next to The Heart of Pines Volunteer Fire Department. Mizzy Zdroj had long dreamed of being a firefighter just like her hero, her grandfather. The Zdroj family practically lived off of the land, growing their own food and trying to live a “green” lifestyle. Mizzy kept a small art studio in a camper on the property, and made money by selling the dolls she crafted by hand.
A small wildfire in the area quickly raged out of control – becoming what is now known as the Bastrop wildfire, a fire that consumed more than 34,000 acres — the largest wildfire in Texas history. While Mizzy Zdroj and other unpaid heroes from the volunteer fire department fought the flames, more than 1,600 homes, including the Zdroj family’s, burned to the ground. They family not only lost their house and belongings, but Mizzy’s livelihood as well when her farm and art studio went up in flames.”

If you watched the episode, their new home is completely amazing and I hope they are enjoying so many wonderful and deserved moments in the space. Here are my favorite photos from the moments I was able to spend with them on set as well as a few scenics I took in the area. And thanks to my good friend Diana M Lott coming along to take some photos as well! Check out her blog for her favs coming soon!