Questions and Answers

How did you get started in wedding photography? It all started when I went early to my best friend’s sister’s wedding to help out. Her brother knew of my interest in photography and asked me to shoot for him with his fancy Nikon camera because he was in the wedding party. I agreed, and I was hooked from that moment on. He had a hard time getting the camera
back from me!

Will you be the photographer at my event? I certainly will. I shoot every wedding personally.

How many cameras will you be using? I generally bring along 2-3 different camera bodies as well as several kinds of lenses for close-ups, wide angles, etc.

Are you a full time photographer? Yes, I am a full time photographer. I feel so very lucky to have the job of my dreams.

Have you received any formal training? Yes, I took all of the photography courses offered while obtaining my undergrad degree and I’ve also taken numerous courses in the photography department at Austin Community College.

How long have you been a wedding photographer? I photographed my first official wedding in August of 2000.

Is the work on your website and in your albums recent? The work on my website is updated frequently, and most of the work in my albums was photographed within the past year or so. Check out the daily posts on my blog for my most recent work!

How would you define your style? My style is a mix of my backgrounds – photojournalism, fine art, architecture, and graphic design. Photojournalism is a way of documenting an event without direction. To me, it is seeing the story unfold before you and documenting the decisive moments within that story. You won’t hear me barking orders at your wedding. I try to remain unobtrusive and unnoticed as much as possible, while still directing the portraits to create unique and fun shots of you as a couple.

How many images do you take? I don’t limit myself to a certain number of images, but generally I capture 800 or more images at a wedding. Those are edited down to the best images and presented to you after editing. You’ll receive at least 50 images for each hour of photographic coverage.

Do you require a retainer? I require a $1000 retainer to reserve the date, which is applied towards your balance. The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days prior to your event.

May I make partial payments? You can pay when convenient, so long as the requirements listed above are met.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes, I accept credit cards through my business Paypal account. If you would like to pay your balance via credit card, please let me know so that I can send you instructions for paying online.

What are your overtime rates? Extra time is billed at $500 an hour. This includes an additional shooter and the editing and possession of the additional images taken during that time. You’re welcome to add on coverage at the end of your reception if the wedding runs late.

What kind of cameras do you use? I use professional Canon Digital SLR camera bodies and lenses.

What happens to the digital files from my wedding? Clients receive possession and personal use rights to the digital files from the wedding immediately upon request. However, the photographer reserves the right to keep copies of the files for the purposes of promotions, advertising, etc.

Will my photos be posted on the internet? Yes, password protected online viewing and ordering of images for 1 year is included with all wedding photography packages.

How do your digital images stand out? Each image that I capture digitally is individually analyzed using Photoshop and manipulated by hand for optimal exposure, contrast, colors, and tones. This is a process that takes many days of work after the wedding, before images are posted online and before any proofs are printed.

Do you mind if family/friends take photos at our wedding? Not at all, so long as they don’t interfere with the photos that you have hired me to take. Please be sure they know in advance not to step in front of me or my lighting when I’m shooting. As long as they are considerate, we shouldn’t have any issues.

Can we order albums after the wedding? Sure, just remember that your rates are guaranteed and locked in for 6 months after your photos are released. After that, your order will be subject to current rates.

Can we break up our coverage time? We have a long break in between our ceremony and reception. Sorry, all coverage is continuous. However, we can utilize that time to take some fun couple’s portraits, and maybe even some fun extra group shots of your bridal party!